Build a Website for Free for Your Big Idea

Build a Website for Free for Your Big Idea

You have uncovered your Big Idea using the Big Idea Worksheet and now you are ready to get started.  Congratulations! As some people will tell you deciding on a business to start can be the hard part.   The good news is there are a lot of free resources out there that will help you start and/or run your website for free online.

However, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Are you selling digital or non-digital products?
  2. Are you marketing someone else’s products through affiliate programs?

Your answer will tell you what type of website you will need. There are only 4 ways to make money online, determine which way you want to go and use the free resources below to get started.

Free Website Options


Totally free to set up storefronts are EBay, Etsy and Amazon. Each offers a free option, however please understand that the setup and having your products on there is free.  There will be a fee charge when you sell something, so please be sure to factor that into your pricing or expenses.  The best part about these sites is that you will be piggybacking off their current visitors.  They provide traffic to your products and make it easier for you to find customers.  Then as you get returning customers and your business grows you can begin to invest in more options and site customizations.

Freelance, Service Business sites, Blogs:

Now if you are starting a freelance or service business for graphic design, web design, programming, administrative, project management there you can use Fiverr, Upwork,,,,,, 99designs,.com and that’s just a few. You can search for freelance jobs online with your specialty you could find a lot more.  However if you are a service business like a lawyer, accountant, private practice physician, plumber, electrician, psychiatrist, counselor, you can use sites like Weebly or Wix, they both offer free service with the option to upgrade with premium plans.  There is one caveat, when using these sites they are hosting which means they own the web address and makes a little more difficult for search engines to find your business name.  So for example if you wanted to sell dog treats online and you wanted your site address to be, if you sign-up for Weebly or Wix you address would look something like: or http/  You would need to purchase your own URL and perform what they call a masking of the URL, which means if you purchased and mask the URL over, then anyone that typed in would go to : . Let’s not forget about blogs, there are also a lot of options there but the most popular are WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.  Again, the caveat is with the web address, however you will get more traffic as those sites are extremely popular. Also worth noting with WordPress you can use the hosted site and upgrade to allow for monetization or you can always transition your site to self-hosting and get the full benefits of blogging at a low cost. Many self-hosting companies will move your site over from one host to another at no charge and you can host as many websites as you want!

If you want information on building a storefront or building a blog or building a Freelance service click on those links.