Monetize Your Big Idea on Your Website

Monetize Your Big Idea on Your Website

So now you have created your site or sites the next step is to monetize them or create a revenue stream(s), in this article on 4 ways to start a business we talk about how you can make money in one to many ways on one site or multiple sites. But for the purposes of this post you monetize storefronts and freelance, service business and blog sites.

Monetizing Storefronts

The purpose of these sites is to sell products and make money, so you’re already there.  The only way to make more money is to sell more products and eventually update or expand from the free site to a more customized ecommerce site of your own, which give you more control over your brand for your business.

Monetizing Freelance or Service Business

If you are a freelance or offer a service there are several ways that you can monetize your site besides selling your service, which include:

  • Sell Information: A self-help video, pamphlet or self-published book
  • Teach. Offer online or offline seminars, you could even get more customers from these courses. Most people find after these courses that they would prefer an expert do the work instead of themselves
  • Affiliate Marketing You can recommend services or products that are like compliment your service. Just see if a product or service that you use has an affiliate program and apply.

Monetizing a Blog

If you are starting a blog there are tons of resources for making money.   You can start with Google AdSense, which is an online advertising program in which AdWords or advertisers agree to have their ads place on websites and blogs that contain similar content to their business. You can also do affiliate marketing on your blog find products or services that are similar or complimentary the information your providing and promote it on your blog. Other ways you can make money on your blog is by eBooks, selling ad space on your blog or offering a service or product.